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Learn to utilise the power of your mind

Updated: Apr 29

Your mind is a powerful tool. Whatever you have in your life so far has been created twice - first in your mind, second in your physical reality.

In other words we can say that, what ever you are experiencing today, was first created in the mind; whether it is your job, making money, your physical, mental,emotional, spiritual health.

Your mindset is a product of your belief systems,and your belief systems are in your subconscious mind which we also call the

unconscious mind and emotional mind. The easiest way to understand it – your subconscious mind is like a computer memory, and your belief systems are files installed on that memory.

What is limited belief system? A limited belief system can be compared to an outdated and corrupted file in a computer. A file that creates malfunction in the system and needs to be replaced.

Do you know that you can train yourself to access your subconscious mind through Theta Brainwave to understand your belief system, learn how it is affecting your life and get rid of the limited belief system with ease?

Theta Healing allows you to replace those files with a positive and updated one.

In a Theta Healing session, the practitioner will guide you through a short meditation that will help you reach a Theta Brainwave and carry out what we call ‘beliefs’ and ‘feeling work’. Theta Brainwave, will allow you to access the belief system that is blocking you then you will be replacing it with a positive and functional belief system. The shift is permanent, the reason is, when you are on Theta Brainwave, and a positive belief system is created, your brain creates a new neural pathway. This new neural pathway will attract positive situation allowing you to create and live the life that you have always desired.

Start today, by booking a one to one session with us to get rid of all blocks, fears, trauma, phobias, worries, and struggle you have. If you would like to learn Theta Healing, join ourinternationally recognized certified Theta Healing workshops. Anything that you are not happy with, and it's creating lots of pain, suffering, stress, Theta healing is here to help you. Theta Healing is a noninvasive method that allows you to shift your mindset.

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