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Stress affects the body in complex ways, triggering physiological responses that, if chronic or severe, can lead to negative health outcomes. These outcomes might include cardiovascular problems, weakened immune system function, digestive issues, sleep disturbances, and mental health disorders like anxiety and depression.


The STRESS MASTERY QUESTIONNAIRE (SMQ) was created through extensive research using standard test development methology by Dr. James C. Petersen, a noted stress psychologist, author, speaker and expert on individual and corporate stress mastery programs and interventions. Dr. Petersen developed the SMQ to help people learn about their stress "risk" areas and how stress may be having a negative impact on one's health, productivity, interpersonal relations and quality of life.

The SMQ is comprised of three Domains or Area; Stress Warning Signs, Stress Effects and Stressors. Early detection of areas of stress and implementing strategies to manage it can indeed be beneficial for preventing future consequences.


Your detailed Stress Report will be emailed to the individual within 48 hours.

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