DecodeYou : A Path to Self-Mastery


DecodeYou  is a cutting edge healing method that integrates seven holistic disciplines (Hypnosis, CBT, NLP, Tasso, Trauma Therapy, Dream Therapy, and Shadow Work). Every discomfort or pain (physical/emotional), is a coded message from our subconscious mind. Sarmistha, the founder of this method has a very special gift, with her profound knowlegde in Depth Psychology she helps you learn how to decode those messages and initiate your journey of Self-Mastery. The worldview of wholeness through decoding oneself is a simple yet profound healing program to make the unconscious conscious and achieve your goals and develop your full potential.

By combining the benefits of each of the methods  

she realized that we could optimize the impact of each of them individually and more. Depth Psychology leads you into your unconscious through the fault lines of your wound, pain, trauma. While you get to collect valuable information about why you are the way you are?


How that is coming in the way of becoming your best version?

What are the roadblocks to changing your reality? And eventually heal yourself back to wholeness by unblocking the blocks, honoring the cracks of the wounds, and understanding the correlation between the microcosm (you) and the macrocosm (universe).



Is a program through which every human being, irrespective of age, can actualize themselves over time into a well-functioning whole (Jung's Individuation); functioning from a healthy ego; mindfully allowing themselves to remove those filters and biases which had been the cause of dysfunctions and limitations, and live life to their highest potential. Because we all deserve it. Unless you try DecodeYou, you would never know that curing and healing yourself was this easy!