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DecodeYou   : A Path to Self-Mastery

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Do you believe that people determine their own lives? That we are in control? Commanding our futures, choosing our spouses, picking our professions, and responsible for the decisions that shape the course of our lives?

Then problably you are unaware that, there is one force more powerful than free will...It is our Unconscious! 

We are ruled by the unconscious desires which conrol us eventually. Every individual must initiate the journey to know themselves. The more you know yourself, the more your realize…that you are never really what you think you are! Hidden under your conscious awareness, there is actually a huge abyss of unawareness. 

What if you get to know why you are the way you are, and what in you attracted the people and the circumstances that you have encountered; the reason behind your behavior, your likes and dislikes; your birth choices, diseases that are passed on hereditarily or in your lifetime? And eventually  learn that you can shape your circumstances with your thoughts and attain a state of self-mastery? 


This is the potential of DecodeYou®️ , a cutting edge healing method that integrates seven holistic disciplines (Hypnosis, CBT, NLP, Tasso, Trauma Therapy, Dream Therapy, and Shadow Work) guiding you into deciphering your subconscious mind. And resolving the problem causing subconscious programs by taking control of the dysfunctional thoughts.

Taking control of your thoughts is not always easy, at first, taking control of your thoughts may feel difficult it takes strength, but it'll begin to feel natural with practice. Overtime, you will find the practice of taking control of your thoughts and fixing your mind on goodness, abundance, and hope to be an integral part of experiencing the fulfillment of dreams. The worldview of wholeness through decoding oneself is a simple yet profound healing program to make the unconscious conscious and achieve your goals and develop your full potential.


Sarmistha Mitra, the founder of this method, is immensely gifted.


It took her thirty-three years to understand the essence of human behavior and formulate DecodeYou®️ , a product of her life-long research.She realized that we could optimize the individual impact of each of the before mentioned modalities by combining them into one therapeutic approach. Depth Psychology leads you into your unconscious through the fault lines of your wound, pain, trauma. And eventually heal yourself back to wholeness by unblocking the blocks, honoring the cracks of the wounds, and understanding the correlation between the microcosm (you) and the macrocosm (universe).

And while you get to collect valuable information about why you are the way you are; DecodeYou®️ helps you learn how to decode/discover the messages in the abyss of your subconscious and initiate your journey of Self-Mastery. 

DecodeYou® gives us a generalized formula to decode our unconscious through 5 cycles and bring ourselves to a state of awareness which is befitting a psychologically mature adult. By using and implementing the 5 cycles of DecodeYou® mindfully, we can live a fully consciencious and awakened life.

The 5 cycles of interpretation are as follows:

Cycle 1- Principles of DecodeYou®, rewiring coping strategies and defense mechanisms.

Cycle 2- Decoding Duality and finding balance, shadow work
Cycle 3- Decoding Karma, parental and ancestral programs, and finding peace,
Cycle 4- Decoding the Inner Child (rejecting love, rejecting feelings, shame, guilt and
Cycle 5- Decoding pain, trauma, disease and recalibrating self.


Unless you try DecodeYou®️you would never know that curing and healing yourself was this easy!




Is a program through which every human being, irrespective of age, can actualize themselves over time into a well-functioning whole (Jung's Individuation); functioning from a healthy ego; mindfully allowing themselves to remove those filters and biases which had been the cause of dysfunctions and limitations, and live life to their highest potential. Because we all deserve it.


Unless you try DecodeYou , you would never know that curing and healing yourself was this easy!

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