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Our Workshops

Workshop: Heal Your Throat Chakra

  • Our voice is the expression of who we are. It is the source of communication and the vehicle for transmitting our beliefs, our needs and desires. Our voice is the blueprint of our mental state.

  • Our voice carries the vibration of our whole history, from conception up until the present moment. All the joy and pain we have experienced is contained within the register of our voice.

  • The more conscious we become, the more aware we are of our need to work on our communication skills.

  • Choosing to work with your sound and wanting to free your voice is the path to forgiveness, and is going to take courage, faith and above all, honesty.

  • Freeing your voice will help you to release programming that has been holding you back in your life. Through this work you will find your true Sound and feel confident to express yourself.

   Duration: 10 hours

   Divided into 5 Modules

   1 Module (2 Hours) X 5 weeks

    (This workshop is adapted from by Michele Averard book Free  Your Voice – Heal Your Life!)


Our Benefits


Relief from stress and anxiety


Astronger immune system response


Restoration of equilibrium in the endocrine system by vibrating the pituitary and other glands.


Induction of alpha brainwave activity or deep meditation


Chakra and aura balancing and cleaning (and corresponding organs and glands)


Improved concentration and enhanced creativity


Brain hemisphere balancing


Relief of sinus congestion and headaches


Increased energy through stimulation of the cerebrospinal fluid (considered by some to be the physical form of kundalini energy)


Confidence building.

Step into your True Self

- The Diamond Consciousness

Unpleasant life experiences distance us from our true worth; limit our sense of Self, make us attract similar experiences over and over again!


We end up feeling worthless, unimportant, devalued. 


This simple yet profound workshop will teach you to reconnect with your true worth. Sarmistha will be guiding you through different exercises and rituals to help restore your self-esteem/self-worth which in time will help you attract better opportunities in your life. 


Duration: 4 hours

Date: will be announced soon

Self-Compassion: The Gateway to the Soul

  1. If you’re someone for whom self-care seems like a luxury sometimes, either you are too critical of yourself, or everything else to you seems more important than you are! Then this workshop is for you! 

  2. When we run ourselves ragged, taking care of everyone and everything else, our bodies will eventually send us a wake-up call that we’re neglecting ourselves. That could be anything from gaining or losing weight rapidly, changes in sleep patterns, accelerated hair loss, or skin issues such as hives or rashes. Don’t wait for that to happen! Yes, responsibilities are important, but your sense of self is EQUALLY important! As the saying goes, “You can’t pour from an empty cup.”

  3. NOW is a good time to gently nudge yourself back on track. Even if you start with something simple, it can make a significant impact on your sense of agency and well-being. This may be a perfect opportunity to nurture Self Compassion. Self-compassion begins to naturally arise in the moments that we recognize we are suffering. It comes into fullness as we intentionally nurture our inner life with self-care.

What to expect:

  • This workshop will help you recognize the different dimensions of yourself that need nurturing and keep them well-nourished.

  •  Affect Management. Emotional Regulation. Keeping your Self Together.

  •  Managing the wild world of feelings so that we stay within a window of tolerance. (If our emotional state is higher than our window of tolerance, we are hyper-aroused; If we are under our window of tolerance, we are hypo aroused; If we think of staying within this window of tolerance we do not fall apart when the weather outside gets rough).

  •  The workshop is designed to help stay anchored and appreciate the journey.

Duration: 4 hours

Date: will be announced soon


P.A.S.T Release Workshop (Psychosomatic Anxiety Stress Trauma)

When we experience mental or emotional pain, it gets rooted in our body’s physiology and we become wired from the start to handle stress which is usually a clever combination of being somewhat anxious and on guard (fight/flee survival energy).

Research shows chronic early stress, or having a system that’s not wired in a healthy and regulated way from the start, will impact not just our physical health, such as our digestion, immune system and heart health, but also will propagate the ailments of the emotions and mind that are associated with high alert and/or severe shutdown. This will also impact our capacity to trust others, move through resistance, set clear, healthy boundaries and be in our true creative genius.

To heal means to do deep nervous system, somatic nervous system, work. If we don’t work from this root level, this stress physiology will run on autopilot and hijack our wellbeing. 

PAST Release workshop will teach you techniques to reset the reflexes and habits in the central nervous system. You will practice what it means to find ease and joy in your breath. You will investigate movements in the body with play. You will learn how to re-frame your limiting 
thoughts…and keep yourself motivated.

Duration: 4 hours
Date: will be announced soon


Our Classes Schedules

Heal your Throat Chakra

Step in to your True Self

Self Compassion: The Gateway to the Soul

P.A.S.T. Release Workshop

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