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Chakra Balancing & Attunement Certified Training Course
KHDA & IPHM Accredited

Balance your energy and discover optimum health

NEXT BATCH 03 & 04 May 2024
Learn the Vedic method of energy healing.

1 Comprehensive understanding and diagnosis of the chakra system for immediate healing.

2 Ability to diagnose energy flow issues and provide appropriate affirmations for healing.

3 Learning vedic energy medicine rituals to cleanse and balance chakras.

4 Practical experience in chakra balancing exercises and meditation.
People often experience a persistent sense of emotional exhaustion when they neglect to cleanse their energy.
Neglecting energy cleansing practices may lead to an accumulation of negative energy in one's surroundings and may contribute to heightened stress and anxiety levels.

Balancing the chakras provides insights into areas of imbalance and empowers individuals to address and resolve issues in their lives. Chakra Balancing is an effective method in managing emotions, reducing stress, and fostering mental clarity. It contributes to emotional stability and a positive mindset.
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Do you ever wonder...
  • Why do I feel  drained all the time?
Why am I struggling with mental fog and clarity?
Why am I constantly surrounded by negativity?
How can I break free from a cycle of stress and anxiety?
Why am I struggling with sleep and insomnia?
Good news, we have the solution for you!
Learn to Cleanse, Energize and Balance your Chakras, and help others to find their balance.
Chakra Balancing & Attunement Practitioners' Course
Some potential benefits of chakra balancing:

1. Spiritual growth and emotional clearing 
2. Deep relaxation 
3. Release of stress & anxiety 
4. Increase in vitality 
5. Delaying aging process 
6. Aiding sleep 
7. Boosting the immune system 
8. Normalize blood pressure 
9. Pain relief 
10. Removes energy blockages 


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DATE: 03/05/2024  6PM-10PM
04/05/2024                10AM-6PM
Who can be benefited from the training: 
1. Health and wellness practitioners
2. Complimentary fitness coaches 
3. Yoga practitioners 
4. Anyone who believes in energy work and would like to become an energy therapist. 
Meet the Instructor
What our clients say...
I completed the Chakra balancing & Attunement course.
Sarmistha's knowledge brought in so many new perspectives to this ancient Vedic healing art. I had no idea what to expect so I went in with an open mind, I got answers to so many questions and the best part is the practice, the practical hands on learning is what makes this course so effective.
I highly recommend this course for personal development as well as professional growth.


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Sarmistha MITRA
  CEO & Founder 
  The Wellbeing Sanctuary
  • Holistic Health Expert, Founder of DecodeYou®:A Path to Self-Mastery
  • National President of Child Chapter Association, Dubai
  • Founder of PAST Release Program

It is designed to help you understand the underlying causes of diseases, to help you identify the root of the problem and to give you the tools that you need to heal from the inside out.

It's about healing the body. It's about awakening the spirit. It's about breaking free from the chains of generational slumber and stepping into your true potential. It's about recognizing the power that lies within you and using it to create a life of purpose and meaning.
So I challenge each and every one of you to take the first step towards a new you."
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