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•    CEO & Founder of The Wellbeing Sanctuary
•    Spiritual Psychologist & Holistic Health Expert
•    Founder: DecodeYou® : A Path to Self-Mastery
•    National President: Child Chapter Association, Dubai
•    Founder: PAST Release Program
•    Awardee: Excellence in Holistic Health (World Health Awards)
•    Awardee: Inspiring Achiever (Milestone Global Awards)
•    Awardee: Inspiring Leader of the Year 2021 in Healthcare & Wellness (African Asian Chambers of Commerce and Industry
•    Featured in Passion Vista Magazine: Women Leader to look up to in 2021
•    Honored by The World Book of Records London
•    Member of American Psychological Association

•    Member of American Holistic Health Association

Sarmistha Mitra


Transform Pain into


“I had no dreams to chase; but dreams have a way of finding me”!


Sarmistha has devoted a decade to exploring the enigmatic realm of the human mind, unveiling the astonishing power of the subconscious. Through years of rigorous study and practice, she contends that we can wield significant influence over our subconscious, molding our thoughts and actions. Sarmistha has devised a unique model, DecodeYou®️: A Path to Self Mastery, an innovative mind training approach aimed at unraveling the subconscious, shedding light on the survival programs that drive our conscious decisions. By understanding these deeply ingrained patterns, individuals can initiate the process of recalibrating them to align with their present circumstances and liberate themselves from their stories of pain.


Her journey towards becoming a catalyst for transformation began in a somewhat unconventional way. For the first part of her life, she dedicated myself to creating a nurturing and fulfilling home as a homemaker. As her son prepared to embark on his university journey, a wave of fear washed over her. The thought of an empty nest and the fear of becoming a depressed mother haunted her thoughts. She knew deep down that she needed to find a way to channel her energy and occupy myself with something meaningful.

Driven by a deep inner desire to break free from the shackles of fear, she embarked on a journey of self-discovery and personal growth and created a life that is rich with purpose and fulfillment. She sought out new experiences, engaged in learning opportunities, and immersed herself in areas that ignited her passion. It was a turning point where she realized that she had the power to shape her own destiny and overcome any challenges that stood in her way.

"I found that opportunities and experiences presented themselves to me, as if the dreams themselves were chasing me, beckoning me to explore new horizons and embrace untapped potentials", says Sarmistha.
Each chapter of her life has played a profound role in igniting a curiosity within her, a burning desire to understand the reasons behind people's behavior and the underlying why's behind every phenomenon. Driven by an insatiable curiosity, she delved into the depths of knowledge, acquiring wisdom from various disciplines and modalities, exploring the intricate connections between the mind, body, and spirit.


"Years of reflection and contemplation led me on a transformative path of self-discovery. As I peeled back the layers of my own experiences, emotions, and thoughts, the answers I had been seeking began to reveal themselves, like small but profound epiphanies. With each new revelation, my passion for understanding grew stronger, and I became driven to share my insights and knowledge with others".


With newfound clarity and purpose, she channeled her energy into developing a groundbreaking therapy model, DecodeYou®: A Path to Self-Mastery, which she wholeheartedly believes will revolutionize the lives of individuals seeking holistic well-being.
The Wellbeing Sanctuary, was established by her with a mission to liberate humanity from their stories of pain and sufferings. The center is dedicated to help people unlock the wisdom and insights that reside within their own hearts and minds and guide them to discover the profound connection between mind, body, and spirit.

Sarmistha leads by example, inspiring individuals to step into their power, embrace their authentic selves, and create a life that resonates with their deepest desires.


"Together, let us embark on a journey of self-mastery, where fear transforms into courage, pain transforms into wisdom and the pursuit of personal growth becomes a catalyst for a life truly worth living."



  • Masters in Transpersonal Psychology: Atlantic University

  • Teacher of DreamWork and Dream Interpretation: Atlantic University

  • Teacher of Meditation & Inner life: Atlantic University 

  • PG Diploma in Transpersonal Regression Therapy: TASSO

  • Diploma in Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapy: EKAA

  • NLP Master Practitioner: Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming

  • Certified Virtual Gastric Band Practitioner

  • CBT: The Beck Approach

  • Somatic Work

  • TRE: Trauma Release Exercise

  • TRM: Trauma Resiliency Model

  • Up & Down: Bringing Balance to the Mind & Body

What client's say about her

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