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Tachyon Energy Healing
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Tachyon energy is the first form of energy that comes out of Zero-Point Energy. It is formless and invisible and therefore studied in the highly specialized branch of science known as theoretical physics. It is only recognized by its effects and impact on the world around it.

Tachyon energy contains everything required for the perfect energetic continuum, which exists in every human and non-human animal. When we become sick or are injured and can’t recover, or suffer from mental or psychological pain it is because something is interfering or blocking the flow of Tachyon Energy in our energetic continuum.

This energy healing method using Tachyons aligns and controls our bodies at a cellular level, allowing our hormonal production, metabolism, and vitality to soar.  There is so much healing potential in tachyon energy, it’s hard to think of a case in which it might not be beneficial.

Session Duration: 30 minutes

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