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P.A.S.T Release Program
(Psychosomatic Anxiety Stress Trauma Release Program in Dubai)
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This program is a body oriented therapy to release trapped trauma responses from the body.
Your body’s complex network of neurons carefully encodes and stores all your memories and experiences, collectively making up the unique mosaic of you.

A shock or trauma based memory also lingers in the body and mind, affecting your health for years to come. This makes the old parts of the brain become stuck in defensive strategies, making us tight and contracted prepared for fight-or-flight or freezing the body.

Which can lead to:

1. Difficulty in Sleep
2. Panic attacks
3. Autoimmune Disorders
4. Gastrointestinal disturbances
5. Migraine and tension headaches
6. Frigidity & Impotency
7. Dermatitis
8. Pelvic pain

Psychosomatic Anxiety Stress Trauma Release Therapy is a program which incorporates the basics of TRE (Tension Releasing Exercise), TRM (Trauma Resiliency Model), and other body related therapeutic approaches. It can radically transform the way we deal with stress, particularly old and accumulated baggage. The program will teach you techniques to reset the reflexes and habits in the central nervous system and minimize your body’s stress responses.

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