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Inner Child Healing in Dubai
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As kids, we were all usually ill-equipped to deal with any emotional distress, as a consequence of this, we develop valid and necessary coping mechanisms, and these stay with us in our unconscious mind, but are often detrimental to us in our adult life.


Inner Child Therapy, is a way to address the dysfunction causing coping strategies and defense mechanisms deep rooted in the subconscious mind of the adult and heal the attachment wounds we've developed.

Examples of wounded child traits include:

  • Insecure,

  • Self-sabotaging behaviours,

  • Poor self-esteem and harsh inner critic,

  • Poor body image or body dysmorphia,

  • Fear of abandonment,

  • Incapable/fearful of setting healthy boundaries,

  • Deep-seated belief of being ‘broken’,

  • Feelings of shame and guilt,

  • Places disproportionate value on approval of others,

  • Seeks reassurance,

  • Tendency towards instant gratification and addiction.


As adults, we walk around carrying wounds from our childhood, whether it's simple or complex trauma, from emotional neglect to physical abuse. By healing our inner child, we unlock our natural gifts, our inner curiosity, and our limitless capacity to love.

Session Duration: 90 minutes

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