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An eating disorder can be the result of low self-esteem and extreme self-judgment! It can be a mask for an identity crisis. Our program will help you to transform yourself by helping you resolve the subconscious triggers, along with nutritional counseling and management.

Three Types of Eating Disorders:
1. Anorexia Nervosa
2. Bulimia
3. Compulsive Eating

Physical Problems from Eating Disorder:
#Loss of menstrual period.
# Scalp hair becomes very thin and brittle. You can see right through to the scalp.
# Severe constipation - the anorexic will experience a lot of constipation. This might be because of excess use of laxatives or bad eating patterns.
# Lower blood pressure.
#Lanugo - The body temperature may drop to as low as 95 degrees. The anorexic will begin to grow a fine growth of hair all over her body in the body‟s attempt to retain body heat (like a regression to primitive man).
# Lower pulse rate - the pulse rate may drop to as low as 39-60 beats/minute.
# Some dental decay - this is more present in cases of bulimia, but will also be evident in anorexics who binge-purge.

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