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Dream Analysis and Interpretation in Dubai
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Dream analysis is a therapeutic technique. It can become an interesting tool for exploring your mental and emotional health. Your dreams can be interpreted by learning the common symbols, and trying to identify personal associations.


Our Mental health professional may also utilize dream analysis as part of therapeutic frameworks. Such as JungianGestaltcognitive behavioral therapy to help understand your stressors. 


Our dreams play a crucial role, both consciously and subconsciously. There is no one way to regard dreams or to interpret them. If you are committed to exploring your dreams, you will remember them, and they will most certainly help you. You will discover that your dreams are a constant source of insight for your inner growth and development, and are constantly available to you as a useful step in the healing process. 

How it Works:


A person in therapy relates a dream to the therapist, discussion and processing follows, and new information is gleaned from the dream. At the conclusion of the process, the therapist can help the person apply the new information in a useful way. 

The primary goal of dream analysis is to help people address the problems they are currently facing, it can be used to address many mental health issues, including  concerns like posttraumatic stress and chronic nightmares.. 

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