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The emotion of anger is simply the feeling or psychological response we have to the unmet expectation, or disappointment, or perceived threat. Your reaction to the feeling, however, can cause us to act inappropriately toward other people, or even toward objects.When anger becomes your reaction of choice to even the most minor of situations, or if you find yourself lashing out unnecessarily at people you love, respect, or care for, your anger may be spiraling out of control. Out-of-control anger can lead to many psychological and emotional issues, as well as many difficulties with your career, important relationships, and friendships.

Many times, people do not realize they are angry until it is too late; when they are saying horrible things to someone whom they love, or behaving violently toward someone.Some people will not realize anger has done any damage until well after the reaction they have had, when they are dealing with the consequences of the action (like getting arrested for domestic violence, or brawling in a pub).  Part of anger management is learning to recognize the feeling of anger before the reaction to anger happens.

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