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Allergic Reaction

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Maybe you experienced some degree of sneezing, wheezing, rashes, brain fog, joint pain, nausea, bloating, diarrhea, or another symptom.

Allergy is a sign of an imbalanced autoimmune system. The unconscious root cause is being insensitive to one’s own thoughts and emotions to the point of disassociating  and desensitizing oneself from their feelings. Over time this conditions the body to become excessively sensitive.

Resistance is the key to allergic reactions. Allergic reactions take the body’s immunity to substances, emotions, and their energies. When a trauma happens, the subconscious memorizes it in a symbolic way, overtime the real event gets disassociated from the symbol. The allergen now is associated with a specific trauma which in most cases is long forgotten. The body only memorizes the substance that was present at the time of the trauma, the immune system qualifies it as something dangerous because it was present during the painful incident and tries to eliminate it when it is detected in the body. Unless this unconscious association is identified and then disassociated through therapy we cannot cure people from allergies and food intolerance.

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