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P.A.S.T Release is a psycho-educational model. This experience teaches you skills when practiced regularly, to help you overcome deep-rooted trauma and post-traumatic stress disorders.


Our body is a feedback system. Our blood chemistry changes during a trauma, in trauma differentiated body parts move away from harmony towards rigidity and inflexibility. Stress/trauma disturbs the homeostasis of the integrated system of the human body. In trauma old parts of the brain are stuck in defense strategies. We also have a cellular memory in which experiences that condition our life in a profound way are recorded. Our cellular memory is a complex set of files lodged in the human bio-computer. It contains information about our genetic inheritance and all our individual history; it is an accurate recording of our life imprinted on each of our cells like a logbook. When not processed, painful experiences suffocate and reduce the positive emotional charge, leading to a dysfunction in the body-mind system. Everything that happens to us on a psycho-emotional level has a direct and immediate effect on us at a neuro-physiological level. There’s is never a stressful, tension-filled, traumatic event that does not affect both the brain and the body. The human organism communicates from brain to body and body to brain.


Keeping in mind the importance of body therapy to release deep routed anxiety and trauma, we have developed the Psychosomatic Anxiety, Stress and Trauma(P.A.S.T) Release Program, when practiced regularly, can transform the way we deal with stress, particularly old and accumulated baggage. PAST Release program will teach you techniques to reset the reflexes and habits in the central nervous system.


What to expect:

• Find ease and joy in your breath.

• You will investigate movements in the body with play.

• You will learn how to re-frame your limiting thoughts...and keep yourself motivated.

• You will learn to deliberately activate involuntary shaking that we’ve all experienced at times of terror, to discharge stress and balance the nervous system – a kind of factory reset, if you like.

• You will learn self-regulation techniques

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