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Workshop: Diamond Consciousness
Duration: 5 Hours
12pm - 5pm

Step into your Truth through Diamond Consciousness: Energy Exchange: 499AED 5Hours

The value of a Diamond is measured by the 3 Cs; Carat, Cut, Clarity.

If human beings would be diamonds, then unpleasant life experiences or our CUTS distance us from our true worth; not getting any clarity out of those experiences limit our sense of Self, make us attract similar experiences over and over again!

We end up feeling worthless, unimportant, devalued. 


This simple yet profound workshop will teach you to reconnect with your true worth. Holistic Health Expert Sarmistha, will be guiding you through different exercises and rituals to help restore your self-esteem/self-worth which in time will help you attract better opportunities in your life.

In the workshop you will learn the deeper meanings hidden in your CUTS(unpleasant experiences), get the CLARITY and finally step into the Diamond Consciousness( TRUE VALUE).

Location: Office 208 2nd Floor,
Mardoof Building, AL SAFA 1,
Next to Med Care Physio & Rehab Center Dubai

Please Register

Thanks for registering to our event. See you there!

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