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Chakra Balancing & Attunement Practitioners' Program
IPHM Certified

Earlybird discount 10% upon full payment by the 15th of January 2023

DATE: 27/01/2023  6PM-10PM
28/01/2023          10AM-5PM

Some potential benefits of chakra balancing:

1. Spiritual growth and emotional clearing 

2. Deep relaxation 

3. Release of stress & anxiety 

4. Increase in vitality 

5. Delaying aging process 

6. Aiding sleep 

7. Boosting the immune system 

8. Normalize blood pressure 

9. Pain relief 

10. Removes energy blockages 


During the class you learn to consciously work with energy or prana, the energy body and the energy centers or chakras.


Who can be benefited from the training: 

1. Health and wellness practitioners

2. Complimentary fitness coaches 

3. Yoga practitioners 

4. Anyone who believes in energy work and would like to become an energy therapist. 

What you will learn:


  • Understand chakras, their functions and the consequent effect of malfunction on the body.

  • Infer the movement of the pendulum to assess the energy flow through the major and minor chakras

  • Have a detailed understanding of the various chakras to Use the knowledge of chakra diagnosis through pendulum in understanding the Client’s Issues.

  • To be able to give appropriate affirmations after diagnosis of issues through chakra diagnosis.

  • Understanding the major & minor chakras by working with a pendulum across the body.

  • You will learn an ancient Vedic energy medicine ritual to cleanse & balance the chakras.

  • Using affirmations to balance associated feelings and thoughts related to the minor chakras.

  • Working with partners to do practical readings in class.

  • Chakra balancing exercise-meditation.


Sarmistha has been teaching this course for many years. She is a renowned and highly spiritual trainer. It is said that the Universe leads you to your Guru. You will be initiated and attuned to become the channels of healing energy.


Course Duration

2 Days: 10 hours

Please Register

Thanks for registering to our event. See you there!

Location: Office 208 2nd Floor, Mardoof Building, AL SAFA 1, Next to Med Care Physio & Rehab Center
Sheikh Zyed RD, Dubai.

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