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Regression Therapy in Dubai

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(TRT) is a form of regression therapy developed by Tasso Instituut, Netherlands founded by Hans TanDam. It is a focused, results-oriented approach that helps us dive into the unconscious mind and uncover our deepest memories and thoughts. It is a three-step process: regression, personification, and energy work which works from finding the origin of the problems, representing the causes for those and ultimately providing healing energy to those problems.

What issues can be resolved for a client

  • Anxiety and phobias.

  • Relationship problems, and problems of connecting with people in general: feeling socially inept and insecure, inability to express and share thoughts and feelings, extreme shyness.; lack of assertiveness, over-adaptation

  • Depression: deep grief or despair; loneliness, abandonment isolation.

  • Psychosomatic complaints not responding to medical care.

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