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Are you ready to understand what causes bad habits? Is there something you have been doing for years that you keep saying you will quit? Would you like to finally be able to let go of that thing you do that drives someone else nuts?  


Long-term habits have a very strong neural network in the brain. Thus the more you focus on stopping habits, the stronger they get!It takes a higher force to dispel an effect. It takes words to overcome thoughts. Habits are the outcome of a cycle. It starts from a feeling(positive or negative), it culminates into a thought(positive or negative), then leads to action. An action is a thought that implement. Repeated action forms a habit. Bad habits will prevent you from reaching your full potentials. Most of the time, bad habits are a way to deal with stress and boredom, biting nails, like many do, or wasting hours on social media, or over shopping, we only do something if we get some sort of benefit from it. doing our bad habits eases our stress, or distracts us from a problem.


Some habits controls that can be dealt with through therapy:
Nail biting
Study Habits
Our mind-science based program will help & support you to find the root cause of the habit, eliminate it and create new and effected habits.

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