Pneuma Nikolaos

Holistic Health Coach

  • Self

  • Love Ambassador

  • Wellbeing Coach

  • Alive Water specialist

  • Rebirth Breathing Practitioner

  • Access Bars Healing

  • Apostle of Freedom

  • Serial Blesser

  • Founder of the ‘’Hi Happiness’’ Initiative

I have Faith in GOD and his creations.

I am in Faith to the Universe and its wisdom .

I am and have faith in People.

I have Faith in Goodness, in the light of our Spirit, in Love, in kindness, in generosity, in
Compassion, in Forgiveness, in acceptance, in peace, in the collective consciousness, in the
Universe, in the CREATOR!!! I Have Faith In People!!!

I see people around me and I feel joyful warmth in my heart!! The warmth of the only TRUE
LOVE: AGAPE (Unconditional Love and kindness to oneself expanded to every living creature
and all creations of the universe!!!)

So I AM WHAT I AM and I AM Complete with you as I AM REFLECTION OF YOU!!!


I was blessed to be born in Greece, the land of Ancient Wisdom!!! For the last 9 Years I am
living in Dubai. Throughout my Journey of Spiritual Growth and expansion, I came to understand
that the only way for Enlightenment and the key to a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous Life is only
the path of SELF LOVE!!!


Now and within my humble capacity, I am serving humanity and helping people to HEAL and
improve their health on a physical mental and Spiritual level!!! My life has a purpose only to
bring a smile in people s hearts!!!


My Dream is Only one : After I experience my human journey on this Earth, then to become
flowing energy and  meet God my Heavenly Father !!! I want to simply merge with his divine
existence and show him how much I love him and how grateful I am for his guidance, his love and faith in me all this years!!!