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Pneuma Nikolaos

Holistic Health Coach


Nikolaos Kolovas

Wellbeing Coach

Rebirth Breathing Practitioner

Access Bars Healing

Founder of the ‘’Hi Happiness’’ Initiative

Mine is an incredible story of resilience and determination! It always inspires me to see how I was able to overcome so many challenges and hardships, and turn my life around in such a positive way. A strong will and a deep faith in God, has no doubt helped me to overcome many obstacles and to become the person I am today.


My mother gave birth to me, her first child, at the age of 15...alone in the hospital in the absence of the father and with no financial or emotional support. I was born premature weighing only 740 grams (much less than a kilo). The chances of surviving the birth was really slim! Staying alive was the greatest challenge!


My little body was not only weak and unstable, it was full of the fears, doubts, insecurities, loneliness and every other dense emotions of my mother! However, the challenge of my early birth was not just over yet, I was diagnosed with an untreatable disease, a form of paralysis! My muscles were unable to function properly, as a result even simple movements were challenging. I had to live with it not knowing why, how and when or if I will ever be able to get over it.


My first years as a boy and later as a teenager were full of embarrassments, sadness, insecurities, anger, disappointments. I was not able to play with other kids, do any kind of sports at school, or even simply get up from the desk during the recesses in school. You can imagine the constant trauma I was facing every single moment of my life during the formative years of my life, while my subconscious mind was developing beliefs and defining the way I would perceive myself for the rest of my life?


At the age of 14, unhappy and traumatized, at the verge of ending my life,  I heard a silent voice speak to me. That voice asked me to wake up every morning at 04:30 am and go to the forest, up the small hill in my home town and train myself alone!!! And so I did!


I would force my body to go to the forest which was very close to my home and exercise and train myself over and over again. Almost a year later I became an athlete !!! I joined the local boxing team, basketball team and I would practically try every sports activity. I defeated the disease with SURE WILL and FAITH IN GOD!!!


At the age of 23 I joined the SPECIAL FORCES in the army and I was one of the best green berets in the camp and throughout all our hard and demanding activities on a physical, mental and emotional level. I finished my duty at the special forces after serving for almost 2 years.


There is absolutely nothing that can stop anyone of us from becoming who we are meant to be and we can heal ourselves from any health condition on a physical, mental and emotional level. I AM A LIVING PROOF! 


I am sharing with you the story of a life full of miracles. I want to remind you that the CREATOR OF THE UNIVERSE will always provide for you all the tools, the people, the energies, the healers, the guidance, the experiences and the means that you need to embrace and receive with love and gratitude, so that you can rediscover yourself, heal yourself and purify yourself, and experience your true divine existence and live a joyful, loving, prosperous life as you deserve! Now within my humble capacity, I am serving humanity and helping people to HEAL and improve their health on a physical mental and Spiritual level. My life has a purpose; only to bring a smile in people's heart. I see people around me and I feel joyful warmth in my heart!! The warmth of the only TRUE LOVE: AGAPE (Unconditional Love and kindness to oneself expanded to every living creature and all creations of the universe).


Love and gratitude, Pneuma Nikolaos.


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