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FEMININE FLOW: Women’s Circle in Dubai
Saturday, October 28th
Energy Exchange: 425 AED

This healing circle is tailor made for powerful women on a mission.
In this Women’s Circle you will break through somatic layers, free your original feminine energy and reset your womb, heart, mind and soul to create new perspectives and visions.

In this Women’s Circle, you will gain valuable tools and insights to unlock your true potential as a strong, courageous, committed and creative woman who wants to make an impact.
Through the power of somatic self-mastery, you’ll connect with the origins of your true feminine essence and learn how to lead yourself from within.
By tapping into your innate desires, you’ll discover a deeper layer of yourself waiting to be unleashed. This transformational journey will empower you to reclaim your original, powerful feminine energy.
Embark on this empowering experience and unleash your unique superpower to live a life of aligned fulfillment and living your true gift.

Meet the facilitator ANGELA RAMEL
Angela is a Feminine Leadership & Life Strategist, Mentor and Embodiment Trainer, Master Energy Healer, Intimacy, Love and
Relationship Coach, Luxury VIP Days Retreat Facilitator and Bestselling Author.
She has 30 years of experience worldwide. The essence of her magic can be felt when working with Angela because there is an element of the unexplainable results her clients experience. At the same time, she is
a somatic and holistic strategist with a laser focus on your tangible and sustainable outcomes in real life. Her unique approach to holistic feminine empowerment combines 4 decades of spiritual practice with Yoga, Tao Tantra, Leadership Coaching, Mindset, Quantum Healing, Movement-, Breath- and Energy work that enables clients to transform at every level.

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