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DATE: 19/2/2022

TIME: 12:00 PM-6:00 PM

“The essence of ritual is that something done in the physical realm is related to the higher worlds. This may be a simple gesture of the hand or an elaborate ceremony. It can be working consciously in everyday life, so that quite mundane actions become full of meaning, or a carefully designed ritual acted out for a specific occasion. Ritual is the mode of formalizing action and giving it not only meaning but creating a contact with other worlds.” Halevi, School of Kabbalah

In this workshop you will create a ritual to celebrate a change taking place in your life. You will then enact that ritual as a way to express and solidify some aspect of your life or your new mythology - perhaps a change in your beliefs and attitudes about how you want to live your life.

Rituals are especially important during times of change, when making a transition from one way of life to another. The energies and feelings that arise are more powerful at that time and need some appropriate container for expression, yet often there is none.

Participants will…
• Understand and explain in their own words the meaning and use of ritual. 
• Create and enact a personal ritual to celebrate a change taking place in their lives.
• Explore and appreciate the experience and design a way to use it for their developing new phase. 

Sarmistha is a Transpersonal Psychologist, who has been helping people to connect with their authentic self and transform through creation and enactment of rituals. 

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Location: Office 208 2nd Floor, Mardoof Building, AL SAFA 1, Next to Med Care Physio & Rehab Center
Sheikh Zyed RD, Dubai.

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