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NIKOLAOS  Holistic Health Coach


Holistic Health Coach

Rebirth Breathing Practitioner

Access Bars Healing

Founder of the ‘’Hi Happiness’’ Initiative

I am sharing with you the story of a life full of miracles. I want to remind you that the CREATOR OF THE UNIVERSE will always provide for you all the tools, the people, the energies, the healers, the guidance, the experiences and the means that you need to embrace and receive with love and gratitude, so that you can rediscover yourself, heal yourself and purify yourself, and experience your true divine existence and live a joyful, loving, prosperous life as you deserve! Now within my humble capacity, I am serving humanity and helping people to HEAL and improve their health on a physical mental and Spiritual level. My life has a purpose only to bring a smile in people's heart. I see people around me and I feel joyful warmth in my heart!! The warmth of the only TRUE LOVE: AGAPE (Unconditional Love and kindness to oneself expanded to every living creature and all creations of the universe).


Love and gratitude, Pneuma Nikolaos.

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